3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your IT Budget

Coming up with an IT Budget that fits the tech support needs of a growing business and allows for investment in innovation can be fraught with complications.  As a trusted outsourced IT supplier in South Africa, we share 4 ways to get the most out of your IT budget.

  1. Prioritisation

It might be tempting to throw a large portion of your IT budget into the latest and greatest technologies, but we advise that the most sensible thing to do would be to assess the priorities of the business- what are the ‘must haves’, as opposed to the ‘would like to have’ – and to make sure there are adequate resources to meet these needs. Ongoing maintenance, essential upgrades to hardware and software assets, your outsourced IT service desk, etc, all need to be accounted for before you consider bigger investments such as an IT asset overhaul or a move to a bigger data centre to enable the growth you forecast for three years from now.

  1. Finding and Shifting Resources

If extra resources are needed for a particular IT upgrade project, it helps to be a little creative by assessing where you can redeploy funds from one area to another. Frequent IT audits can help you identify where you are overspending – for example if the number of software licences far outweigh the number of people using that software – you can cut down on those costs and provide the funds for those components that need them more.

Similarly, partnering with an outsourced IT consulting service means that you can benefit from their volume licensing and leasing, and benefit from the cost savings they can pass on to you.

A good CTO or IT Manager should also be aware of any external funding opportunities from software suppliers such as Microsoft, who can offer to fund for new technology investments.

  1. Implementing Cost-Effective IT Solutions

Rather than hiring new personnel with specific expertise, who then represent a permanent overhead, it is worth considering outsourcing your IT support. As well as providing the expertise you need, they can also work on an ‘as you need them’ basis, acting as a virtual CTO to oversee any and all tech services the business requires while having the flexibility to scale back or increase their support to suit your budget and needs.

IT Allies can take on the role of overseeing vital IT projects or upgrades, including training staff, while you can focus internal resources on business-critical functions.

It is also worth considering moving from a CapEx to an OpEx model for IT solutions to help free up resources that can be better used elsewhere.

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