Business IT Allignment

According to MWD, Business-IT alignment is defined as the process through which businesspeople and IT delivery organisations collaborate to create an environment in which investment in IT and delivery of IT services reflects business priorities, whether IT services are sourced internally or externally; and in which business priorities are influenced by understanding of IT capabilities and limitations.


Business IT Allignment

Why have my business and IT aligned?

A recent study by Roger Sessions concluded that IT failure worldwide costs the world economy a whopping $ 6.2 Trillion per annum.

This problem is solvable by successfully aligning Business and IT. Not only will it bring compelling financial rewards, but it will also bring many other rewards as well, such as:

  • Reduced complexity.
  • Help small businesses to become more competitive
  • Increased organisational agility
  • A boost in customer satisfaction
  • A more collaborative work environment.

A recent study done by IBM showed the following benefits of Business – IT alignment

Business IT Allignment

The objective of Business-IT alignment
According to the risk 3 assessment model, the objective of Business-IT alignment is to manage 3 separate risks associated with IT Projects: Technical risk (Will the system function as it should), organisational risk (will individuals within the organisation use the system as they should?) and business risk (will the implementation and adoption of the system translate into business value?)  


It is absolutely crucial for the success and survival of your business to drive, empower and invest in IT and have IT that enables business, innovates and provides growth and efficiency. Why see technology as a cost centre when you can use it to enable your business to reach new heights of excellence?

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